Lafette 42 original tan camo with MGZ40 optic and carrying straps.      

In overall good condition with original tan camo, this Lafette 42 was made in 1942. The MG42 was classified as a heavy machine gun when mounted a tripod (Lafette 42). When used with the Lafette 42, only belt feeding was used since the basket drum could not be attached. It was placed on the Lafette heavy tripods of both weapons. The MGZ40 optic is a simplified model, in sand color (repainted after the wat), made at about 1944-1945 years. It has also a part number in the inferior side of the level mechanisms. The optic is clear and all the parts work perfectly. The carrying strap are two, two piece, age and usage brown leather construction with tooled, natural steel fittings. The wider ends of the main straps each have a small section folded over and machine stitched to the reverse to secure a triangular, steel, ring with a steel, friction, attachment clip, while the narrower end has four, length adjustment, buckling eyelets. The leather is still quite supple. Nice Lafette 42 in overall good condition and complete.

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